Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I refuse to give up - hip labral tear operation

This might seem incredibly naïve of me but what else can I do?

2013 was the year that was supposed to be! I had been running for 5 years and had entered and been accepted for the unofficially titled ‘Triple Crown’;
1.      The fling,
2.      The West Highland Way Race, and,
3.      The Devil O the Highlands
It was to be my personal crowning glory. The realisation that my love affair with running was paying dividends. Then at the end of 2012 whilst out on an innocuous off-road bimble I slipped, albeit rather violently, and felt something crack within my hips.

I’d like to add that I am absolutely adamant this labral tear is not a running related injury. It did not come about as a result of overtraining rather it arrived via a trauma related accident and what is more, could have happened to anyone.

It displeases me to receive feedback from others (physio’s, doctors, surgeons etc) who have all claimed this is a running injury. Yes it occurred when I was out running but whilst coming down that hill I was on, that particular day, I defy anyone to remain upright and not leave injured. However, one cannot escape that fact that all forms of running whilst handicapped with this injury is all but impossible.

So the whole of 2013 was spent in hibernation from the one I grew to love. It seems 2014 will go the same way! Two whole years. I suppose this will have to be the reality for anyone who like me, can’t afford to have these things dealt with via private health care. But seriously, two years! Come on.

In the first instance, the NHS has been as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. It has to be said. The only thing it seems to be any good for is ensuring the public in general are put back to work as soon as practically possible. Let me tell you, anything over and above that and you will be playing the long waiting game. I'm very disappointed with the performance of many so called professionals.

Here’s an example; I was asked to go to the local Infirmary for a consultation regarding my X-ray. I was first on the list at 9am. However it took 45 mins for anyone to come and see me and then he had the Gaul to tell me that there was nothing he could do because my case would have to be referred to a specialist in one of the Glasgow hospitals. A total of about 30secs of his time to tell me that. What the hell was wrong with a phone call instead? And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, I’m now about to go for my operation (30th jan) more than 14months since I got injured. With this I’ve been told to expect 6months of physio before I can even begin to contemplate running again.

But here’s the real Brucie bonus; I’ve been told the chances are I’ve probably got hip arthritis now such is the wait I’ve had! They won’t know until they go in so I won’t know until I wake up and you can bet that will be the first question on my lips.

The surgeon has told me that I should consider giving up running, certainly long distances. Part of me understands what he is saying. After all, I did kinda kick the ar*e out of it. I was never meant to do the stuff I did – hence the title of my blog – it was always my headstrong determination that dragged my sorry carcase over the line; I could barely walk for the 4 months after I did the WHW late 2011.

However, as with anything in life, there’s always another perspective. Part of me is thinking that if by some miracle I don’t have arthritis, then I take the rehabilitation seriously and build back into running super carefully then one day, I might come back. It would only be for one last hurrah I think but inevitably part of me has a deep desire to make it happen.

That said, all of this could simply be pie in the sky. I have a new job to start after this operation, one that I’m really looking forward too. I want to get my teeth into this new line of work (private practice) and really bed myself in with the new team. Perhaps that will impact on my extra curricular activities.

One things for sure, whatever happens will be because it will have been the path I chose to take and that is one thing that should never be taken for granted.