Friday, 30 September 2011

change of plan - a winter WHW

I was writing a comment on SteveQ's blog the other day when I realised my comment could equally apply to my circumstances, in more ways than I intended it.

It was about flexibiltity within training programmes i.e. changing things around. So now instead of aiming to gung-ho a medium length ultra, I'm going to give myself a meater challenge to take some memories from.

I'm planning to do the West Highland Way, starting the evening of Friday Dec 9th. I know that most of this will be done under the hours of dark so i really don't know what time to aim for. I would say that my fitness could get me in anywhere between 20 - 24hrs but thats under summertime conditions.

Well it is what it is. My reasoning?
I'm very comfortable with the progress I'm making - the likes of which I have never before witnessed. Therefore, I'm 100% confident of my standing within medium length ultra's and am equally confident that I have amassed enough information in a bid to peak and train properly for a race like the Devil' or the Fling'. Thus, I feel I would simply reinforce this belief come December should I run one of these type of ultra's.

Instead; what about pushing the boundaries a bit? There are supplementary reasons for me wishing to do this. My final year of my degree is next year. It's where all the marks are so I really need to knuckle down. I have found out this year that I cannot fully focus on running and studying. Sure, if they were the only things going on it'd be a squiz but my wife and kids need some time too, thankfully.

Also, if things go to plan I'll get the operation I need on my posterior impingement early next year. This means that not only will I be out of running action for a while but I'll have a ready made excuse to crack on with the studying.

So if I get this winter WHW under my belt, I feel that it will really set me up for the lengthy lay off that I will be forced to take in 2012.

I've already recruited vehicle support and a couple of mates have even said they'll run the whole thing with me. Debs has said she'll spot me on some sections too. This women is really concreting her legendary status in my eyes! I know that running in the dark will pose a few problems but I've done a fair bit of night nav' in years gone by. Besides, I'm going to cover the whole of the way between now and December in a bid to leave no stone unturned!!

Now all I need is this unseasonal warm weather to continue through to December 11th, please.......

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