Sunday, 30 December 2012

How much time do you spend writting a blog post?

It’s quite time consuming isn’t it?
It usually takes me in excess of 8 hours. However, this post should take me minutes to write.

What’s coming up? A new year with new seasons and therefore a cycle of training and events to suit. Here’s what I’m aiming for and what life has in store for me;
The Calderdale Hike (13th April) – this is meant as preparation for the next race. It’s 36miles long and at this moment in time I have no idea how to approach it i.e. what strategy to adopt. All I know is that Olga says it should be ok for me to do. It’s also an opportunity to meet up with my mate Chris who will be returning the favour 2 weeks later.

The Highland Fling (27th April) – this race has occupied my thoughts almost constantly for the last 18 months, you could say I have unfinished business with it. First and foremost, I must do myself justice in the training beforehand – both mentally and physically. If I get to Milngavie on the 27th April I’m likely to be completely and utterly in the zone. Bring it on!
The West Highland Way Race (22nd-24th June) – Having done this beast late 2011, I now want to go for it under race conditions. I’m mindful of the fact that I have already placed more mental focus with the fling. However, I’m comforting myself with the fact that I have done virtually no running training for the last 8 weeks. Thus by the time I get to Milngavie on the 22nd June I’ll have been training properly for 6 months – just about hitting my physical peak (fingers crossed).

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The Lakeland 100 (26th – 28th July) – I’m not running this but one day will want to. My mate Chris is doing it and I’ve offered my hand in support. Having said that, I’m sure I’ve no idea of what I’ve let myself in for. Chris, I hope your itenary will be detailed to military precision!

The Devil O the Highlands Race (3rd August) – I love the WHW and would like to see what I’m capable of over the latter half under race conditions. If I’m lucky enough to avoid injury and actually get to Fort William on this day then I’ll have achieved the unofficially titled ‘Triple Crown’; all three of the races held over the WHW within one calendar year. However, I’m not counting my chickens. There’s a good reason it’s not been completed by a large number of people.  

The High Peak 40 (21st September) – I signed up for this earlier this year but pulled out due to being consumed with stress in the weeks leading up to the race. My mate Rob did this a few years ago and I believe it would be an opportunity for me to spread my wings a little. Again, having said that, I’m aware of my limits and being a novice to ultra running – one prone to injury – I would have to say at the moment, this is a bit of a pipe dream.
RICS APC (November) – This is completely unrelated to running. Having achieved my honours degree I’m now under pressure to become a Chartered Building Surveyor. Apparently this is the only way to prove my competence – written with cynicism for a very good reason.  

Hemorroidectomy – Anyone else suffer with piles? Ha. I had one of these way back in 1997 and another operation in 2009 prior to training for my BGR. It turns out I need another one – confirmed at a recent Sigmoidoscopy.
Clearly the last two headings pose me a bit of a problem.

·         First of all, the red tape brigade at my work need to get a grip – and that’s about all I can publicly write on the subject.

·         Secondly, writing good quality blog posts is time consuming. Going for your APC isn’t simply about going to an interview and telling the board how you do your job. No, instead you have to tell them what they want to hear. You have to play their game and to do that you have to learn how to play their game! Studying towards this objective is time consuming too.

·         Thirdly, it may come as no surprise to some but a huge part of my ultra training is mental preparation. For this I have to be completely focussed on the next ultra challenge. I’ve managed to juggle life’s quandaries to date but had really hoped that 2013 would be a clear run – it’s now not and I’m already struggling to overcome this frustration. I must find a way however.

·         And lastly, the bloody haemorrhoids! This is just typical. I have to go for my pre-assessment early next month with a view to getting the Op’ within a couple of weeks thereafter. This will involve up to 6 weeks off running post Op’. The only thing I’m thinking of right now is deferring it until later in the year. I’ve been waiting for the last 4 years to finally get rid of the monkey off my back (the distance learning honours degree) and then this. Besides, I’ve been living with blood constantly coming out of me for so long now – I’m sure I can keep on top of it for a few more months.
The further downside to this is that I’m not able to fully concentrate and write the kind of blog post that I want too in the forthcoming months – this frustrates me deeply.

On the bright side, if I get through all of my challenges and then have the Op’ in either September or October then I’ll have a couple of weeks off work to read up thoroughly in preparation for my APC!
One thing is for certain though - I’m sure life will throw in a few surprises no matter what I think or hope for.

Have a blast peeps

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  1. Looking forward to it dale, if you can make it for the weekend of the 100 that would be great, ill let you know nearer the time.

    And I know what you mean about the blogs, mine are never groundbreaking, I don't have the time, just out down what's in my head at the time!