Sunday, 13 May 2018

50th post; sweep-up. Whats next?

Only 3 weeks ago, I had intended on this, my 50th post, being my last. Indeed, two weeks ago, after finishing the Highland Fling Race on such a validating high I was happy to confine my running to the annuls of history and move onto something new. However, following the posting of my subsequent, alternative race report I've been left with a quandary.

As the years have passed, I've been told on and off (by those close to me) that I have a talent for writing. And whilst that is comforting, the lack of feedback from the forum I have been trying to help has led to conclusions that I've been writing for myself alone.

A feeling which has been heightened over the years by witnessing individuals taking my written advice and passing it off as their own and by others taking and offering not so much as a thanks in return. I've even had the indignity of a colleague taking stories of my life and passing them off as his own when writing to the 2012 Olympic committee - an event which led to him being awarded a period with the Olympic torch! 

These parasitic individuals are an inevitability in life and can seem like a good reason to stop trying. However, that would only be the case if we allowed our self to dwell on the issues negatively. They can provide a cleansing effect.

The stand-out feedback received of late is that I appear to have dealt with these issues well enough. It seems that I have inspired a lot of good people, the intended audience, and that I should keep writing (because a lot of them want me to).

My 50th post was always meant to sweep up and look back at my best posts (IMO);

1. Ultra Motivation; what motivates you? Is it time for some internal reflection?

2. Your walk talks louder than your talk talks. However....; trying to come to terms with disappointment.

3. The problem with words; your best qualities shine through at critical times. These are the very same moments that catch out the non-genuine among us.

4. The four pillars of ultimate performance; my thoughts on a strategy for achieving the most bang for your buck.

5. My 3 tips for losing excess bodyfat; speaks for itself, quite a detailed post.

6. Injuries; trying to prevent them and what to do when you get them; another highly technical post.

7. Strength workouts for runners; a fairly short but important post.

8. Fatigue resistance; a key component of running faster; a really important aspect of ultra running.

After mulling it over though, I've decided to keep going, albeit without the pressure I placed upon myself in preparing for the fling. That was a race in which I simply had to achieve my aim despite the many factors that were against me.

I will now work towards the inaugural Mt Snowdon Ultra 50 which is taking place 22nd September. This gives me a few months to prepare specifically and some time to reflect properly with a view to penning other, more meaningful posts for the future.

The caveat to this must be my tibial bone spur; its sore enough just walking up and down stairs! I think I can handle the hip and knee pain, the bone spur is a completely different situation altogether and one I don't think my physio will be keen on helping with anymore. The fling was meant to be my last run after all!

Nevertheless, I want to add more detail to two of my four pillars; physical conditioning and nutrient timing. so hopefully it will work out. If not, if my injuries get in the way so be it. The pressures off now. I hope I can continue to help people though.

Overall, I'm just relieved that I've managed to come full circle with this chapter in my life. One of my biggest incentives to keep going was to provide something worthwhile for my kids, for in years to come, should I fail to be around anymore, for whatever reason. Contributing positively in life is important to me, as it should be.

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